15. Deprecated and Desupported Features

The following table contains the deprecated and desupported methods, properties, and constants of the node-oracledb API, the version they were deprecated or desupported, and an alternative to use instead, if applicable. The desupported API feature is a previous deprecation that has been removed and is not available in node-oracledb. The most recent deprecated and desupported features are listed first.

Table 15.1 Deprecated and Desupported API Features

Method, Property, or Constant

Version Deprecated or Desupported


Property fetchInfo

Deprecated in 6.0

Use fetchTypeHandler functionality

Property oracledb.extendedMetaData

Desupported in 6.0

Extended metadata is now always returned

Property extendedMetaData of connection.execute() Options Parameter

Desupported in 6.0

Extended metadata is now always returned

Property accessTokenCallback

Desupported in 6.0

Deprecated in 5.5

Use accessToken

Method pool.setAccessToken()

Deprecated in 5.5


Property _enablestats

Deprecated in 5.2

Use enableStatistics


Deprecated in 5.2

Use pool.logStatistics()

Method lob.close()

Deprecated in 4.2

Use lob.destroy()

Constants oracledb.ARRAY and oracledb.OBJECT

Deprecated in 4.0

Use oracledb.OUT_FORMAT_ARRAY and oracledb.OUT_FORMAT_OBJECT

Property oracledb.queueRequests

Desupported in 3.0

Deprecated in 2.3

Connection pool queuing is always enabled